Samesex Marriage Research Paper

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When it comes to equality, some people might argue that the United States of America is one of the country with more freedom in the world. In reality, in the US, that freedom comes with different options, you can be a white male citizen, and their life, it is all set up, welcome to the land of freedom. Everything changes when it comes to women, Hispanic immigrants, African Americans, and it varies others people. There are a few things they all have in common, some might struggle to actually get that, and that is marriage, so beautiful, the connection between a man and a woman, of course if you are a homosexual, that is a whole different story. This world is far from equality, even though in some country samesex marriage is legal, this world …show more content…
The ballot text emphasized religious liberty freedoms” (Wilson). With the religious freedom in the constitution, the right of people to use their religion as an excused to make samesex marriage illegal, it is also a major problem, because for some of them, samesex couples/marriage is unholy. Another problem of this society we live in, is that the media and others factors affect the meaning of samesex marriage, and misterpret the meaning of what marriage actually means. Marriage is supposed to be a connection between two people who are in love, but apparently if you are homosexual, it doesn’t count because society says its bad. People can believe whatever they pleased, but taking away that right, that equality of living a regular life without worrying about what others have to say, just because other people do not agree with their life choice, some people don’t understand that people are born that way, and “become” a homosexual is not a real thing. Another problem that comes across samesex marriage is the actual marriage, people see it unnatural and bad. Heterosexuals worry about how their children will react to the idea on how two people of the same sex love each other and they are trying to get married, but you know, they can’t because of their parents, government, anti-gays campaign, religion, are on their way to become

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