Argumentative Essay: Death Penalty In The United States

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“I give my life today for the life I have taken.” Those are the last words of an American Citizen before being executed for murder. Over the last 35 years there has been 1,400 people sentenced to death row. Capital punishment comes in many ways. The most common ways are lethal injection, electric chair and firing squad. It is critical that everyone understands what the methods actually are. Lethal injection is the most common way of execution. Three drugs are injected into the one’s body.Soduim thiopental is used to make the person unconscious and Pancuronium bromide is used to paralysis the muscle and causes respiratory arrest. Lastly and painfully potassium chloride stops the heart. The electric chair was the most commonly used until lethal injection came out. It is done by strapping someone into a wooden chair, placing electrodes on their head and legs running mass volts of electricity into ones body. Firing squad is another way of execution used by a few states. One is targeted by several people who then proceeds to shoot until dead. All these are very harsh and inhuman but these are the ways the government chooses to …show more content…
The last thing that is needed is the government allowing murder. The government and leaders of America our mothers to the U.S citizens. The people who are supposed to protect us are not doing their job. One of our founding fathers once said “The first duty of the government is the protection of life, not its destruction. Abandon that and you have abandoned all.” (Jefferson)Thomas Jefferson stated this quote to explain how essential it 's for the government to protect its people. Not only does he say it 's the first duty meaning top priority but goes on to say that if it is not done then you have abandoned everything. By allowing capital punishment we are not fulfilling the 1st priory it. Murdering someone is not protecting

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