Persuasive Essay On Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy one of the biggest and most rewarding fields in health care today. There are plenty of opportunities for Physical Therapists help everyday people to overcome pain, restore mobility, and lead independent lives. As a Physical Therapist you can with people of all ages and backgrounds. Who are suffering from temporary or long term pain and disability’s caused by injury or disease.
By becoming a physical therapist, you work closely with numerous personalities and qualities. Now I will tell you what is Physical Therapist, how to become a Physical Therapist, starting a career as a Physical Therapist, and the challenges and rewards of becoming a Physical Therapist.

The Origins of Physical Therapy can be found back in ancient times.
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They study more about certain parts of the body. Below are some of the current areas of specialization in physical therapy. Orthopedics deal with bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The human body performs perfectly, when they all work together. When something goes wrong it is often very painful. Orthopedic Therapist help people with back pain, broken bones, hip and joint replacements, and arthritis (Orthopedics.)
Sports medicine specialist take care of sports injuries from minor sprains to serious fractures and concussions. Sports medicine specialist offer care to athletes from professional to high school. Sports medicine experts will get you into play as quickly as possible (Expert Care for All Ages.).
Neurology is the branch of medicine concentrated on the study and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. The nervous system is complex and it regulates body activity. A doctor who specializes in neurology is called neurologist. Neurologist treat disorders that affects the brain, spinal cord, and nerves (Neurology at Highland
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Manual Therapy is therapy using hands. Massage is the most well – known technique. It can accomplish several goals; pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and increased circulation. Massage is often used in conjunction with other therapies (Harasymiw, T.). Modalities are devices that aid in physical therapy. Heating pads and ice packs are modalities. Physical therapist use heat to relax muscle. Cold therapy causes blood vessels to tighten. It’s helpful in reducing swelling (Harasymiw, T.). Physical Therapy programs are offered as masters or doctoral degree from a physical therapy program. You must have first either get or have been working at least to three years towards and undergraduate baccalaureate degree. After graduating you must then pass a state – administered national exam. Then after passing the exam you will need to meet any additional requirements your state licensing board may have, before they will allow you to practice (Become A Physical Therapist.). Choosing a first job site is the specialization or area of interest. A Physical Therapist wishing to practice many forms of therapy should not work in a cardiopulmonary clinic. There may be different responsibilities for Physical Therapists in each area. Below are areas where Physical Therapists can

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