Open Carry Pros And Cons

The second amendment is the “right to bare arms.” January 1, 2016 the open carry law was officially in effect. Meaning, citizens with licenses to carry will be legally allow carry a handgun openly or concealed. I believe that citizens should not be allowed to have access to handguns, and only be left to the people that go through intense physical and mental training to be allowed to carry a conceal weapon while on the job doing their duty like: police officers and marines that’s stable enough and able to make worthy choices and well-disciplined. I will be explaining why open carry should not be allowed to citizens, how the police should be excluded from the choices, and finally the difference between public and private locations. According …show more content…
Reason why open carry is bad are the ability to see a gun on your hip makes citizens’ uneasy, antsy or even. Nervous feeling being around that person with a gun that could easily whenever pull it out, pull the trigger at any time, and cause harm to other. America has had two mass shooting in less than a year. According to Mother Jones, “July 11, 2015 According to the New York Times, upwards of 20 to 30 people were open carrying AR-15s and other types of military-style semi-automatic rifles at the Black Lives Matters protest last Thursday. Which "created confusion for the police as the attack unfolded, and in its immediate aftermath made it more difficult for officers to distinguish between suspects and marchers."”. In 2015, there was nine mass shootings in the United States. In at least eight of these attacks, the killers used weapons that they legally possessed. In at least six of them including Orlando, the killers used AR-15s, AK-47s equivalent to semi-automatic firearm, that were designed for military warzones. The killer’s purpose of using such a powerful weapon based on the extended magazine it obtains without necessity of reloading. They can take out multiple innocent people without reloading. According to Mother Jones, “The perpetrator who struck in Tucson in 2011 squeezed off 31 shots from a Glock handgun in 30 seconds. In a matter of minutes at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the attacker there used an assault rifle to strafe schoolchildren and their teachers with more than 150 bullets. The killers who struck in San Bernardino fired upwards of 75 shots at their victims, and roughly as many at police who pursued them”. In addition to semi-automatic rifles, many mass shooters have used semi-automatic handguns. Nevertheless, perhaps most consequential with regard to their weapons of choice is this: In a majority of cases, the attackers used their guns in combination with high-capacity

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