Persuasive Essay On Marriage

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The society we live in today is full of divorced families and fewer people who care to save the marriage. It’s easier to move on to the next best thing and leave behind anything that we feel isn’t right or we are tired of trying together. Laws should be reformed to make it harder to get divorced to make marriage more of a commitment, focus on staying together, and give children a greater opportunity to live with both parents as a family. I feel this would aid in healthier devoted homes and a better society to live in. Marriage is a massive commitment for both husband and wife from the beginning. It’s blissful, fun, and full of eventful moments. From moment of saying “I do” and the everyday routines marriage is work that has to have full …show more content…
They may seem less of an easy way of life, and can put strain on a marriage that causes a great deal of stress for the marriage. Thus, taking out time for each other is important. Date nights are a beneficial way to make time for one another and wash away the hustle and bustle of family life, and keep the flame moving in relationships. Children also need stability in the home. When we make time to have a commitment to each other and the children it creates the stability they need. Without the stability, life can get complicated and leave extra room for mistakes in the marriage. I have found that family’s that play together stay together. This is true to every extent. The added engagement as a family the better things run. Every family has several traditions that are handed down generation to generation. Divorcing kills traditions, they are created because homes and families are built and live for each other to carry on traditions. Marriage is important to traditions evolving. If a divorce is easily accessible subsequently traits and traditions wouldn’t be carried on and kept alive. I personally have been married previously and have personal experience and now know these things are important for the children, their way of life and how they will someday

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