Marijuana Gateway Drug: Article Analysis

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People will do insane things to make money, and becoming a drug dealer is one of those things people would do to make money. On average a drug dealer makes about one thousand dollars a week. All a drug dealer has to do is grow and sell the drugs to make money. Selling drugs could be an easy side job. It may seem pretty nice getting an extra thousand dollars a week for selling drugs, but, the consequences of getting caught are not worth the extra money that comes from selling drugs. According to nidirect government services getting caught selling a class A drug, such as heroin, is seven years in prison and a unmounted fine (2013). Also, getting caught selling a class B drug, such as marijuana, is five years imprisonment and up to a twenty …show more content…
A gateway drug is a drug that a person first used then goes to worse drugs because it does not please them any more. Throughout the article “Marijuana gateway drug” the author compares marijuana use to joining a motorcycle group. The article states “Hells Angels members are probably more than 104 times more likely to have ridden a bicycle as a kid than those who don’t become Hell’s Angels, but that does not mean that riding a two wheeler is a “gateway” to joining a motorcycle gang” (Szalavitz, 2010). The article is trying to say that because riding a two wheeler is not a gateway to joining a motorcycle gang that marijuana is not a gateway drug. Clearly smoking marijuana and riding a motorcycle have mostly nothing in common. Marijuana is an addictive drug that will cause people to get a high, which may cause them to do things that they may not do when they are sober. A recent study done in New Zealand found that 99% of other illicit drug users had previously used marijuana (University of Maryland, 2013). People can not get addicted to riding motorcycles. The only thing that marijuana and motorcycles have in common is they both may result in death. When riding a motorcycle people are at risk of possibly getting hit by a car and maybe even dying. When smoking marijuana people have a risk dying or getting extremely …show more content…
Throughout the years people have been debating whether or not the United states should legalize marijuana. Due to the manu impacts marijuana has on its consumers it should continue to be considered an illegal drug in the United States. Many of those in favor of legalizing marijuana believe marijuana has a very subtle effect on its users, they are incorrect. Just like everything else marijuana cost money. People who are addicted to marijuana spend a ridiculous amount of money on it. This may lead to divorces and families separating because the money should be spent on other things. Also, marijuana has many negative side effects, such as memory loss, physical and mental problems and for long term effects it may lead to cancer. Finally, if marijuana became legal it will have to be adversided to get the word out. If more people know it is legal they will be tempted to try it. This will increase the number of marijuana users significantly. Due to all the negative effects marijuana has on everyone it should stay

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