Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Marijuana In New York

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Nischal M. Basnet
Marcia DeChiara
English 1301
October 15, 2016
Legalizing it
In New York, Big Gulps are not allowed while marijuana is being welcome in Colorado. Those who smoke the cigarette are undesirable, while people who smoke marijuana are welcome. This is happening with the reality that pothead is almost universally recognized as unmotivated, low-class, and, yes, smelly failures. It seems to have a financial and human cost of keeping marijuana illegal, our prisons are a good example for it, but the cost we will pay when marijuana will be legal would be larger than it. So, marijuana has to be illegal to create the better Society to live. Adding to it, smoking is a dirty habit which makes people die younger while drinking is the potential
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The person who has experienced it, been addicted to it, will only know how acute marijuana addiction will be, but the others can 't see it. Some people will be able to do fine for many years with addiction, but eventually, people will start to smoke a lot more than regular and then difficulties starts. It will be easy for people addicted to marijuana, but extremely difficult to give up. It will be harder for people to give up marijuana than cocaine, and alcohol. The same stupid idea of legalizing the marijuana was tried before by Amsterdam. This is the most famous place in the world where marijuana has legalized this place became a tourist destination for marijuana. But, today this city of Netherland became the first to ban smoking marijuana in school. Those children are the future of Netherland but they have been exposed to the drugs which make this country weak from …show more content…
Now, is it real, we want to endorse marijuana a capable substance to make us loss millions more potentially productive Americans? Will we endorse Crack, Heroin or Meth next? Some would say, “No problem to us” But, those will be the same people who will complain about all the junkies and welfare cases that will be created by the policy they endorsed. Stempsey has said that “it will be the gateway to other more serious drug abuse and children will catch the wrong message by legalizing marijuana.” This statement has proved by the survey report published in The New York Times in 1994, about seventeen percent of marijuana users said they had tried cocaine.
In conclusion, this is the time to ask a few questions to yourself. Will America be better country or worse one after legalizing marijuana? Do you want to live with people who smoke marijuana regularly? Are you ready to see your kids smoking marijuana regularly? So, this is the time to think about it because legalizing a drug like marijuana thoughtlessly seem easy, although, it will be a lot harder to put the genie back in the bottle than people seem to think once it goes predictably wrong down the

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