Reflection On Hunger In America

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Hunger in America is a bigger issue than most Americans like to believe, as Americans we like to think that hunger only exists in other countries. This week I got a better picture of how hunger affects people. Although I did not fully comply with the food stamp challenge, I found out quickly that if I were to be on food stamps my life would challenge drastically. I was lucky enough to have food bank experiences, I went home Sunday and my mother cooked so I had leftovers form that and I can go to the sorority house to eat 3 meals a day during the week. On Tuesday I went to the grocery store to buy a few things I needed for the week; cereal, milk, two pre made salads, and a box of Luna bars. I found out quickly that my 37 dollars would not get …show more content…
First of all my behavior would change. Trying to manage money is already something I struggle with daily. Making sure I have enough money already makes me stressed without the added stress of making sure I have enough food stamp money to last for the month. The added stress would most likely make me more aggressive with people. The way that I think about money and food would also change. I would be more cautious with what I bought and the money that I spent at the grocery store. Cutting out coupons would become a new hobby of mine. I would have to think and plan my meals for the month and make sure my money lasted so I would not have to go hungry. More time would be spent at the grocery store thinking and debating whether or not I needed something or if it would benefit me to purchase that item. Trying to make sure my food stamps lasted would result in me thinking about and comparing prices to make sure I was getting the best deal for my money. If you are not able to get the recommend nutrition or if you are just unable to eat then you would not have a very high energy level. If I were to have to live on food stamps and possibly skip meals or eat meals that were not nutritional it would make me tired, and not wanting to do things I enjoy or have to do for school or work. My attitude would be another change in my life. My attitude towards people …show more content…
I would hope if a loved one ran out I would be willing to share my food stamps with them and maybe have one or two less meals that week, but honestly I do not think anyone can say what they would do especially when they are hungry. If I worked at a deli and had run out of food stamps and was hungry, I would hope that I would first ask the owner for help or food, but if they were to say no I might consider taking some food. That is one of those situations that you know the right thing to do is not stealing, but how can you be moral when you or a loved is hungry?
Living on food stamps for a period of time would be a challenge, and it is a challenge that thankful I do not have to face, but there are people who do. I think as social workers it is great for us to if not experience this situation at least realize a glimpse of how difficult it can be for our clients. It is important for s to understand how it would change their life, how they might have problems one month that affect their food stamps, ways they could deal with having not only themselves to feed but a dependent, and to not judge them for decisions that have made or might make if they ran out of

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