Persuasive Essay On How To Cook

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Curry chicken with potatoes and white rice is one of my favorite West Indian dishes to cook. I like to season the chicken and let it marinate overnight, to allow everything to penetrate the meat for the best flavor. I start this process normally sometime in the afternoon before, so the chicken can marinate for about 14 – 16 hours. I remove eight drumsticks for their package and place them in a 4 quart Pyrex glass bowl. I remove lemon juice from my refrigerator to wash the chicken, using my hands to move the chicken around in circular motions in the bowl. Pour out the excess liquid into the sink, so I can start seasoning the meat. I do not measure the seasonings during this process; therefore I just sprinkle enough to make sure all of the meat …show more content…
Get ¼ cup of vegetable oil and the mince the remaining onion. Also cut three to four large russet potatoes into cubed sizes, and place them into a 2.5 quart Pyrex glass bowl. I turn on the faucet a run and fill the bowl with enough water to cover the potatoes. Now I am ready to actually start cooking, so I place a 6 quart saucepan on the front burner of my electric stove. I turn the burner onto medium heat and pour the ¼ vegetable oil into the pan for two to three minutes to warm up. If I drop a piece of onion into the pan and it starts to dance and sizzle, so I know can start cooking. I use my yellow stained spoon in the scallions, onion and minced garlic, so I can sauté them for four to five minutes. The spoon has become a yellow – orange color, because this spoon is only used to cook curry foods. I start to smell the seasonings, so I add three tablespoons of curry powder. I continue to slowly cook and stir this mixture until it turns dark brown. I removed the marinated chicken from the refrigerator and I pour all the contents into the pot including any liquid that has formed. It sounds like I am frying the chicken, so I add a small amount of oil to make sure it does not burn. I brown the chicken for five to seven minutes. Then turn the burner down to medium-low and cover the pot for twenty minutes. The chicken will start to simmer and release its

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