Persuasive Essay On Gay Rights

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I am writing to you in hopes that I might persuade you to look deeply into the importance of LGBT rights . I strongly believe that gay rights are human rights , no one should ever have to be facing discrimination for their sexual presence , especially by their own government . I believe gay rights should be acknowledged and preserved by the US government . A quote I stand by is “ privilege is presuming to speak for others you know nothing about” gay Americans are still Americans who deserve equal rights as every heterosexual person in this country . The United States has had an ongoing history of citizens who have not felt represented in the government . Millions of Americans have rallied the streets in hopes of change in America. Although many laws have passed that benefit gay Americans , there is still lawmakers that are pushing anti-gay actions . Our neighbor Canada is one the most gay friendly country in the world , many others like Germany , Sweden & Denmark have laws that …show more content…
Federal Lawsuits are being pushed towards North Carolina for attempting to put these laws into place . Tax payers money is literally going to waste because states don’t believe in the equality of everyone. Why should money have to be wasted because a few senators don’t think it’s okay for people to use the restroom they genuinely feel comfortable in? Instead of money being wasted on lawsuits , the money should be going towards fixing the issue like promoting & implementing gender neutral restrooms in public places . Organizations like HRC continuously have been active supports of the LGBT community , HRC & other non profit deserve support from the government . LGBT youth is also a huge problem in this nation . Homelessness , suicide & STD’s are all huge risks that young gay youth face , these kids are not protected by the government , It sickens me that Americans are neglected & discriminated by their own government

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