How Is Chris Mccandless Selfish

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Chris McCandless was a genius but also arrogant man who just wanted to live life. Chris was a independent man who had the wrong influences and made some bad choices. At the end of the day Chris was a defiant man who had goals and met them such as traveling the world and seeing new places. Mr. McCandless died of starvation.Chris died of starvation in Alaska because he was stranded in the cold abyss on a trail in the middle of nowhere with no food resources. My reason for thinking Chris is arrogant and smart because he had nothing but the world in front of him but gave it all up. Chris decided he wanted to visit places in america and visit the world at some point in his life. After hearing a really “interesting” conversation between his parents that he did not like at all. Chris also was fed up he was pressed on and on time and time again he finally had enough. By this point he was a full grown man and could make his own decisions on what he wanted to do with his life some decisions better than others. Chris …show more content…
Chris had the world in front of him but he wanted to live life and wanted more than what he got.Chris died by eating wild potato on wild trail that caused his death. Although he graduated and decided that he wanted to big things he did them in the wrong way and had no influence he was arrogant because he knew the choices he was making he just started living life a bit to early. Chris mccandless was a smart and arrogant man who was all but gone too soon. Chris mccandless did all the amazing and everything his parent asked of him he just started living life and never once looked back. Chris managed to the unthinkable without doing the thinkable he managed to not let anyone know where he was until he wrote a letter and by than it was much too late for anyone to help, as his body was 67 lbs and he was killing himself over

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