Persuasive Essay On Animal Hunting

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For many years in the south, dog hunters have had to fight for their right to hunt whitetail deer using dogs. The people who are against whitetail deer hunting with dogs are people who are being and have been affected by the activity. The arguments made by the people outside of the hunting clubs all virtually have the same ideas. These ideas are based particularly on dog abuse, trespassing by both dogs and hunters, and the reckless behavior some hunters possess. As rural communities continue to grow in population and more out of state land owners move in, the problems with dog hunting seem to grow as well. The citizens outside of dog hunting see all of the negative actions that are brought about. The only way that the outside people can think …show more content…
Presidents of dog hunting clubs also see this. Each president of every hunting club put a lot of time and effort into making their own clubs safe for not only outside civilians, but also their own club members. Each year is carefully maneuvered around safety for all people. The rules put into play every year coincide with dangers that occurred in the previous years. Being an outsider to the hunts pose many problems with mainly families and landowners surrounding the hunting land used by dog hunters and their clubs. Families that live in and around the hunting land have a front row view of how reckless and dangerous the hunters can get. Seeing a vehicle flying up a dirt road would probably frighten anyone. Families will rarely let their young ones out to play in the front yard while the hunting is taking place. A person never knows when a vehicle accident can happen. There are also chances of a shooting accident taking place as well. Some hunters are not aware of their surroundings when they are hunting. This is usually a mistake made by rookie hunters. Some hunters may also get lost in the woods and when the time comes to shoot, they blast away wildly, thinking the bullets will get stopped by trees. Outsiders may also witness the hunts and believe that the dogs are being abused by their owners by making the dog do the hard work. The dogs go through thick woods and sharp briars to …show more content…
I was raised from an early age dog hunting with my father and his father. Each day was a new experience in the world of dog hunting. The art is more than just going out into a field and hoping to kill a large buck. It is more like developing close bonds with friends and family. “Hunting deer is often a proud family tradition” (Marsh). Most dog hunters have personal ties to the art, like myself. They enjoy it so much that they want their own friends and family to enjoy it too. Every time the season comes around, new people are introduced to the activity and almost immediately fall in love with it. They are made aware of some of the dangers and abide by all laws to ensure a safe and fun hunt. People who are against the whole idea are sometimes brought into the hunting and their feelings change drastically as they are taught so many lessons of why and how the hunts are done properly. The outside people also learn the true intentions behind

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