Persuasive Essay: Home School Vs Public School

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Many families debate each year if they should home school or send their kids to a public school. If you homeschool your child, then your child would be socially awkward. If you choose to put your child in public school then they would have better social skills. You would have better access of technology at a public school, because some homes may not be able to afford it. Public school is a smarter way of learning.
If you attend public school, you have a far better chance of learning. Your teacher’s could help you out if you’re having trouble. You could get one-on-one help. You can interact with other students and make friends. Teachers could encourage you to stride for success. If you get home schooled, then you have limited hands on activities.
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Therefore, you would slack on your work. You also wouldn’t have time management skills which are important for your college career. Time management and discipline are very important in a school environment. Public school is better because you learn time management. You also get better technology experiences. Teachers will help you if you need help. In public schooling, you actually have someone to let you know if you are doing things right or wrong. You can ask as many questions as you want and teachers will be glad to answer them. Public schools have rules and discipline, therefore you have a better chance of being efficacious. Overall, public school is a better way of learning. In homeschooling, you don’t have discipline nor time management. Public schooling, you get one-on-one help with your teachers. Public schools have better technology to improve your schooling. Therefore, public schooling is better for

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