Essay Against Mandatory Drug Testing

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In America today we take a lot of things for granted. Many men and women 's privacy rights are being invaded everyday when they walk into the doors of their employer and the boss says, "it is time for you to take a random drug test." Are we just merely adhering to policy? Are our privileges being violated? When citizens are stopped by police while in public their rights are sometimes violated but their imposer 's are protected by the law. As, employee 's have to adhere to random drug testing they sometimes come to feel their rights are being violated. The companies that are imposing these policies are protected by the law. If they use their rights and deny being tested, they face the possibility of losing their source of income to provide …show more content…
Many people that are in this situation rely on government assistance because they can 't function properly enough to hold on to a job. When dealing with these people in society instead of providing income for them to support their ill-willed habits we need to take this opportunity to help them. We can provide testing when applying for benefits that will offer them drug recovery, money and food as long as they stay drug-free. This drug screening policy will assure that families will receive the proper care if they want to continue to receive financial assistance. It will also assure working men and women to know that the tax dollars being used is for a good purpose. Initially, we will spend a lot of money on drug testing and rehabilitation programs. The outcome will lead to productive citizens that will contribute to society and put the money back that was used to support them through taxes. The children will have parents that they can look up. If drug testing were made legal, America would be able to fight drug abuse from another angle. We could even stop cycles of drug addiction in families with the start of one

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