Essay On Welfare Drug Testing

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Welfare is the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for all citizens, sometimes referred to as public aid. This support is offered by the government to citizens that are currently unemployed. This is offered until they can get back on their feet and get a job where they can start paying taxes, and make an income themselves. Welfare recipients should be drug tested because it will protect taxpayer’s money, it is an intervention opportunity for the families, and it controls the rate of drug related crimes. Taxpayers are people who are employed, and pay government taxes. The money they are paying becomes government money, which the government uses to provide welfare. Welfare recipients have to apply to receive this money, …show more content…
“First, the court must determine whether the search furthers a special need of the state, and second, the court must determine whether this government interest outweighs the individual 's privacy interest.” (Shaberg). Many people argue about how it is an invasion of privacy, but if there is a dangerous situation, drug testing will only benefit that person. However, what is truly unfair is that people who are employed have to take a drug test before they get a job, and welfare recipients do not. If people who are applying for a job to get money have to take a drug test, then welfare recipients should have to too. It is only fair that people receiving welfare should have the same procedures to receive money. “Critics have argued that mandatory drug testing is an unfair attack on the poor, but the most compelling reason to require it is to truly help those affected” (Vitter). Drug testing is seen as a harmful act by many citizens that receive welfare, but it should not be a problem for people receiving welfare money, if they are not using drugs. People are so angered by this becoming a policy, because they know that they will have to stop using in order to still receive

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