The Pros And Cons Of Drug Testing

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Controversial issues circle around the world everyday. One of those issues is drug testing in order to receive welfare. Many people think that it is an invasion of privacy and it should not be required for anyone to have to take a drug test in order to receive financial help which are a couple of reasons why it has sparked so much controversy. The idea that one has to be drug tested for welfare is a highly debated issue. Welfare is money offered by the government to families and individuals with low-income, in need of financial assistance. There are different programs offered by the government that provide this type of assistance. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), also known as cash assistance, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance …show more content…
They would first have to pay to take the drug test and if the test is negative, they would get a refund of their payment. On the other hand, if the test came back positive, they would not be reimbursed for their payment. When someone takes a drug test and it comes out positive, it gives the impression that that person is using drugs. If the person is taking prescription drugs, they would need to show proof by getting a written note from the prescribing doctor to verify the prescription. If they do not have a prescription, it would be appropriate to get them help. Finding these people who use drugs can help them and their families by creating an intervention for the drug use. They then can be referred to a rehab facility to get the right treatment. Once they get treatment and complete rehab, they can take another drug test to be reconsidered in applying to get the financial assistance that they need, otherwise, their welfare disbursement would be …show more content…
A majority of those who are employed are required to take and pass a drug test in order to comply to the company 's standards of employment and obtain a job. These employed people are taxpayers which supply these welfare programs with money. Those receiving welfare should be drug tested to receive the assistance just as those providing it are required to as well. The notion that many people buy drugs with the assistance that they receive from welfare is inequitable. For taxpayers, it gives them a lack wanting to pay taxes or even have a job, knowing that many misuse welfare to buy drugs and fuel their addictions. If people can receive money without making an effort in bettering their lives, it would also discourage people from having jobs.This will get rid of those people who take advantage and abuse the benefits they receive.
The idea of drug testing for welfare makes it a highly debatable issue. Drug testing for welfare would be a good thing not just for taxpayers but also for the safety of families who deal with drug abuse. Drug testing for people to receive government assisted programs would benefit due to the fact that it would single out those recipients that abuse drugs, taxpayers ' money would go to those recipients who are really need the

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