Persuasive Essay : Do Schools Kill Creativity?

1002 Words Dec 4th, 2014 null Page
Do you believe we need more creativity building courses in out schools? I do. Upon reviewing the “TED Talk Video, Do Schools Kill Creativity?(2006)”, I found that I absolutely agree with Robinson 's opinion that the education system today teaches students to give up their creativity for the university approved knowledge. I believe that schools restrict creativity through their curriculum and lack of acceptance of those who do not conform. In the school system, the curriculum is set for all students. It does not allow students much options to modify their subjects depending on the students interest or skill. It is created to make all students have equal opportunity and the learn what is currently deemed most important. The problem with this is not all students are the same in skill and interest and course that might benefit ninety percent of students may actually fail for the other ten percent who 's skills lay in course deemed unimportant. Until high school there really isn 't much ability to pick courses based on interest. You do have the option for extra curricular activities but these are normally athletics and have little options for students who are interested in the arts, music, computers or engineering. I myself had a hard time in school as a kinestetic learner. There were many classes where we had to sit quietly and listen or work individually and quietly on our own. Art class felt like home to me . The atmosphere was more relaxed; I was able to move, talk and…

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