Sex: Requirements For Sexual Education In Schools

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Let’s Talk About Sex “Taxes and death are considered two undeniably realities of life. I would say that sex is right behind these two” (Source 7). The U.S. requirements for sexual education vary from school to school, giving some students a more practical sexual education and some not. The requirements for sex education in school should be the same comprehensive information across the country. Comprehensive sexual education is “designed to motivate and assist students to maintain and improve their sexual health, prevent disease and reduce sexual health-related risk behaviors” (Source 4). This issue has become a demand because of the large number of teen pregnancies, STDs/STIs, and sexual assault in schools. Sexual education is way …show more content…
Sex education is a conversation that must be had. Requirements for medically accurate sex ed should not be an option. Parents and teachers should not choose the parts they want to teach, they must teach teenagers the responsibility of being sexual active just as if it were a science class requirement. Requirements for sexual education should also be the same accurate information taught across the country in order to provide a safe environment for students. Because of the varying state requirements, some students are learning the proper accurate information on consent in sex ed, while some are not. This, as stated, leads to problems with sexual assault and rape. In order for this problem to lessen, comprehensive sex ed must be taught in all schools. And for this to happen parents and educators must realize that teenagers can and most likely will make their own decision on whether or not to be sexual active. As teenagers make these critical decisions they must be provided with the medically accurate information that goes along with having sex in order to prevent pregnancy, STDs/STIs, and unwanted

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