Persuasive Argumentative Speech: The Problem Of Abortion

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You are walking into the grocery store and your eyes meet the most gorgeous man you have ever seen. He is in the check out line and notices you staring. He gives you a shy smile and nods. You blush and briskly walk away to locate the eggs. When you are finished gathering all of your items, you walk to the cash registers. The cashier passes you a note from your mystery man that says, "Call me." Four years later, you are walking down the aisle. You are overjoyed to be marrying the love of your life. After your honeymoon, you both breech the topic of bearing children. You agree that waiting after you graduate college is the best option. Two months later, you come back from the doctor 's office. You don 't know how to process the thoughts and feelings running through your mind. When you tell your husband the news, he is estatic. He believes that he is ready to become a father. However, you have already scheduled the abortion. You are not ready to become a mother. Many people would be outraged by your decision. God gave you this little blessing and you committed the greatest sin, murder. Why didn 't you consider other alternatives? Why didn 't you seek …show more content…
Mothers of an unplanned pregnancy experience a mass amount of stress. They are often pressured to make rash decisions without carefully considering the consequences. Birth-control and other contraceptives are not one hundred percent effective. If you become pregnant, and you think you will not be able to care for the baby, consider the alternatives. Women who cannot bear children often seek adoption. If that doesn 't appeal to you, you should ask your parents to foster the child until you are able. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to your parents about the situation, you should ask your pastor or youth minister. They will be able to offer third party advice. Always remember, you are not alone. Abortion should never be your first

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