Perspectives On The Role Of Education Essay

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There are several perspectives on the role of education. John Dewey an American education philosopher of the 1930 stated, “I 'm simplifying—that the general purpose of school is to transfer knowledge and prepare young people to participate in America’s democratic society” (Carter, 2012). However, as we entered the 21st century we are face with continue globalization, which leads to a world with interconnected societies and economies. As we continue towards this globalization our philosophy about American education will change with it. We no longer just need students just to participate in American way of life, but to participate across international boarders. There are several challenges that an American students face today compared to John Dewey time. As our students enter the work force they no longer just compete against other American for employment or a niche in the economy. They now compete against other economies in the world such as China, South Korea, or Finland (Carter, 2012).
Along with pressure from outside nations, our students are receiving pressure from change within our own economy. Our society has switched from an industry of manufacturing to an economy dominated by the service and technology oriented industry. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2005), “ between 1995 and 2005, the United States lost 3 million manufacturing jobs, and in that same ten year period, 17 million service sector jobs were created”. The skills and knowledge a student must…

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