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Perspective on Health Care - New to Health Care
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Perspective on Health Care - New to Health Care The history of health care in the United States has always had one constant: low income households have never had quality access to health care. In looking back through the history of health care in our country, it’s always been reserved to those who can afford it and not to the general public. Going back further in our history you can see this more evidently than you can even today. In the early days of the health care industry and the health insurance industry in the United States, poor people sometimes didn’t have access at all, not even through emergency rooms and
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Let’s face it, it’s expensive to eat health. It’s so much cheaper to purchase items like hot dogs and prepackaged dinners. This way of eating is also time saving and more convenient, and our society has definitely become a society of convenience. Demographics play a huge part in the health care industry today. The most interesting to me is the fact that middle to low income households are at a much higher risk of having major health problems than other households. Also, according to income demographics, this also leaves minorities at a higher risk for major health problems because these are the predominant fillers of the middle to low income brackets. For example, a Hispanic child born into a low income family is much likelier to have major health care problems because of the lifestyle that they will more than likely lead. They won’t have quality access to health care as a child because their parents won’t be able to afford it. They won’t have the advantages of a wealthy family that contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle, such as access to proper medical care, access to proper mental health services, or even access to ways to better care for yourself on a daily basis, such as food for a proper diet, healthy family bonding and stress reducing practices like vacations and family outings. In the middle to low income households, it is probably necessary for both parents to work and this prevents these

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