Perspective Taking Is A Critical Skill For Children Essay

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Perspective taking is a critical skill for children, along with parents to have as it allows for an individual to better understand and further interact with others around him/her. This skill allows for individuals to further separate their own feelings and opinions/thoughts from a situation at hand in order to tackle situations with less bias. Ross Thompson, from the University of California at Davis, emphasizes that perspective taking helps children make sense of their own and others’ experiences. Studies have also shown that children who learn perspective taking adjust better in kindergarten, and have a better understanding of what their teachers want and expect. Along with this, studies have also proven that there is a relationship between perspective taking and learning to read.
There are many components involved with perspective taking, many of which are contained within the brain. Although empathy is a key aspect, brain research shows that perspective taking is much more complex. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) is a method used to map which parts of the brain are used when people think about others’ perspectives. While using the fMRI, a special part of the cortex lights up, along with other parts as well. This is not surprising, as perspective taking involves many different intellectual processes such as: of discerning how someone else thinks and feels; it requires assembling our accumulated knowledge of that person, analyzing the situation at hand,…

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