Personality Tests : A Personality Test Essay

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It wasn’t uncommon to see a personality test result on a computer screen with all of my friends and I gathered around the screen reading each other’s results. Since about my sophomore year of high school, we had taken all sorts of personality test from various web sites. It was around this time that we discovered the Myer- Briggs personality test, the closest modern personality test that can categorize the human personality (“Our Theory”). Back then, I got INTJ when I took the test and this most recent time I continue to be classified as an INTJ. Previously I only used the test to find out what character of my favorite TV show was also an INTJ, never before had I really researched what being an INTJ meant. As I researched more there are some personality traits of an INTJ that I agree that I have and others that don’t describe me at all. One of the personality traits common with an INTJ that I share is being a bookworm or nerd. In the article, it states that while “[book worm is] intended as an insult by their peers, they are more than likely identify with it and are even proud of it, greatly enjoying their broad and deep body of knowledge… [they] enjoy sharing it as well” (“INTJ Personality”). I have always had a passion for reading ever since a child and loved reenacting those stories to anyone who would listen. Never have I felt insulted when other use words like smart, geek, or nerd as a way to make me feel bad about who I am. Many of my current friends and I have…

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