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Personality Tests and Their Purpose
According to the textbook, Life-Span Human Development, 7th edition, by Carol Sigelman, on page 348, “personality is often defined as an organized combination of attributes, motives, values, and behaviors unique to each individual.” By now, most people have come to realize that each individual they encounter is distinctive from them, and rarely resembles another human being they have confronted. In this essay, I will be discussing how personality contributes to an individual’s lifestyle. Through different online tests that I have recently taken, I will explain how different personality types influence how one behaves, and reacts to different scenarios.
Not long ago, I took two different styles of personality
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Looking at this website, it claims that I am a materialist, somewhat offbeat, a thinker, intimate, and vital. According to this questionnaire, MOTIV Personality Short Test, a materialist states that “being more attractive makes them happy showing that they are an elitist, shallow, and fake, and that it causes a failure to connect to others, society, and the world.” This result couldn’t be farther from the truth as to who I am as an individual. I would much rather be able to travel the world and live a simple life filled will love, than have the most elegant clothing items, or cosmetics. The next aspect that the test concluded about me is that I am somewhat offbeat. Referring to the MOTIV Personality Short Test, it states “being unconventional makes me happy and that putting myself at too great a risk could potentially endanger my life.” I admit this to be part of my personality to a certain extent. Personally, I receive great pleasure when doing an activity that is new, exciting, or dangerous. However, I do realize my limits and would never do something to possibly harm myself. The MOTIV Personality Short Test also states that I am a thinker and quite intimate. The questionnaire writes “ being planned out and serving others makes me happy, but it could lead to me to sticking with plans that don’t work and being taken advantage of by others.” Personally, I agree with both of …show more content…
First of all, these test allow us to obtain more information about ourselves, and help us define who we are. This can be backed up by the article, What Personality Tests Can Do for You, from the website In this article it comments that “for people who aren 't already sure of their personality strengths or purpose, these are useful tools for improving self-understanding.” These types of test are also great for choosing a soul mate or finding a job. This test can match up one’s personality to another person’s personality to see if they are compatible. As for a job, these tests help determine whether the job is appropriate for them. Referring to the article, What Do Personality Tests Measure, from the website,, “your responses to questions in the personality test allow potential employers to make predictions about how you will respond across a range of vastly different work-related activities. These predictions assist employers to measure how suitable you are for a role.” Based on these quotes, one can determine that personality tests provide a considerable purpose to help identify one’s self. All in all, each individual has a unique type of personality that can be determined through different types of personality tests. One can figure out their best and worst traits and how to adopt them into their everyday lifestyle. If they don’t like a specific

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