Personality Test Can Be Beneficial Essay

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Some people think that most people get along better when they are around individuals who have what they think are great personalities. Everyone has their own opinion on what a great personality is in their eyes. However, you can now take a test to see what kind of personality that you may really have. This can be helpful in many ways, especially in the work place. It can help with learning and understanding employees a lot better. It can also help with seeing if employees will mesh well with each other. So taking personality test can be very beneficial.

Meyers-Briggs type


The first letter that I got from taking the personality type test is I. I stand for Introvert. Typically meaning that you are not much of an outgoing person but is social. Introverts normally tend to think about things before they do them because they are not spontaneous. They are also just okay with staying inside to themselves and reading or doing something that they enjoy doing. Getting I was not surprising to me because I know that I am an introvert. However, I do like to socialize with people from time to time but it is something that I do not have to do all of the time. I like to stay to myself sometimes because I feel that, that is the time when I am the most productive and not easily side tracked. When it comes to deciding to do things I do tend to think about it first rather than just doing it. So after taking the test and getting I as the first letter is pretty…

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