Personality Styles And Leadership Styles Essay

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When working in groups, there are a variety of personalities, strengths, weakness, and abilities that make up a team. In this paper, we will explore one’s tolerance for ambiguity, different personality styles and leadership styles, and how one handles conflict and dissonance. I will analyze how all of these dimensions are present in my team and how they affect the culture of my team. From this analysis, I will determine what is needed to make a team effective. I will also determine how I can develop the strengths that make a team effective and put them into action.
Tolerance for ambiguity
Someone’s tolerance for ambiguity is how well he or she handles change, and unclear situations. For example, different people like to plan their vacations differently. Those with a low tolerance for ambiguity most likely have a planned out, detailed itinerary. They know where they are going for that day, where they are going to eat, and what they are going to do. They leave no room for spontaneity. If some situation emerges that is not part of the plan, they most likely will not handle it very well.
At the beginning of this course, we had to take an assessment to evaluate our own tolerance for ambiguity. While most of the class was skewed to a low tolerance for ambiguity, I was more on the spectrum for a high tolerance for ambiguity. However, in my opinion, I am more in the middle. To me, those who have a low tolerance for ambiguity are the more organized type people who…

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