Personality, Psychology, And Social Intelligence Essay

877 Words Mar 28th, 2016 4 Pages
Personality is a topic so complex and intertwined with both itself and outside factors it’s difficult to pinpoint any one specific cause for a trait, especially on a personal level. Ultimately, the fact that personality is a multiplicity of different factors and effects all intricately combined is the only thing we can really seem to be sure of. Luckily, this hasn’t stopped those in the field of psychology from trying to explain it. It’s complexity may even be the reason so many people find it fascinating; it wouldn’t be difficult to argue that personality is the part of psychology that people take the most interest in. It is the easiest idea in psychology for us to apply to our own lives and many people find it enjoyable to learn about something that they can use to better understand themselves and others. Personally, my top rated character strengths according to the VIA Survey were: love of learning, perspective, and social intelligence. All of which can be explained with a combination of nature and nurture through various biological factors and experiences in my life.
Love of learning is, like most other character traits, a result of a combination of nature and nurture. In order to enjoy learning, it’s important to have the genetics to first be born with an IQ high enough to meet the cognitive requirements involved and a tendency to want to use it. Environmental factors also have a huge effect on such a characteristic. For me, my immense enjoyment of learning likely…

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