Personality Characteristics Of Personality Traits Essay example

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The information provided by this research article came to me as a surprise. While I was aware that personality traits served as predictors in some cases such as likeability, team work or attractiveness, it never occurred to me that they could also be predicting mortality risk. The idea may sound ludicrous at first but after considering the points of the research and the peer rating, the argument does follow suit. This study brings up two interesting points. Personality traits, (more particularly conscientiousness) seem to be predictors of mortality and peer ratings are valid assessors (if not stronger) in measures of personality reports. As explained in my introduction, the idea of personality traits being longevity predictors came as a surprise at first. However, after thinking about it, it started to become clear as to why this may be the case. It is my belief that humans overall have a tendency to judge/evaluate both their environment and most definitely the people they meet and interact with. While people may try to deny their judging natures, I am pretty sure that we all form some first, fast thought opinions of the person we first meet and our first interaction with them. As we progress in the relationship with this person, we may become more attached and will most likely wish their well-being. Following this logic, it makes sense that we may also be able focus on evaluating on the aspects of their lives that seem either prone to giving them good or bad outcomes.…

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