Personality And The Color That Best Represents Me From The Test

1491 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 null Page
I am a type A personality and the color that best represents me from the test is red. I chose to give this personality test to a good guy friend of mine and he has a type B personality as well as blue best representing him. I thought that giving this test to a guy would allow me to see where he stands in terms of his personality and how a color could really describe him as a person. He has been a great friend of mine for more than 5 years and having him complete this test will see if how he is as a person directly correlates to a specific personality type and color.
Seeing that I am a red personality makes most perfect sense to me when I look at all the other descriptions of the other colors. Growing up, I was always a leader and not so much of a follower. I extremely vocal about things I liked and dislike. If a good friend of mine were to ask me if a particular dress looked good on her, I would not be afraid to tell her to pick something else to try on. I started out as a teacher aid for bible studies at my church and slowly became a 6th grade teacher, so I know what hard work is like. I strive to do my best in all that is given to me and want others to see that. Not so long ago, did I come to realize that I quite career thriven. I like to be on top of my school work as well as my volunteer work. Meanwhile, for my guy friend, he is a blue personality and I can most definitely see that his color description really does describe him. He has such a loving personality and…

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