Essay on Personal Values, Ethics, And Morals

1190 Words Oct 5th, 2016 5 Pages
Every day we base our decisions upon a unique set of values, ethics, and morals. Each moral, value, and ethic sways the decisions we make and are influenced by family, peers, places we grew up, society, and even institutions. This can also vary from person to person even if they live in the same area and grew up in similar ways. In this assessment paper I will be covering my own personal values, the core values of Social Work and how both of these match or conflict one another. I will also be talking about what is and how to overcome ethical dilemmas, and my own personal views of others classes of individuals. To start I will talk about my top seven personal values; what they are, how I define them, and where they came from. In addition to my personal values I will discuss the Social Work Core Values and how they coincide with my values. Out of my values the first few derive from similar aspects, and these include Integrity, Excellence, and Respect. The first value of Integrity is easily defined as being honest and doing what is right, even when no one is looking. Excellence refers to being a lifelong learner, striving to do the best in everything and improving any aspects of life in relation to the learning. The next value of Respect not only includes respect for others it also refers to the respect for oneself. Respect for oneself is having the confidence in one’s own ability in all professional, personal and societal aspects. Respect for others can be…

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