Further Mathematics Personal Statement

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My intention to study Mathematics stems from my appreciation of the complexity and variety of the different branches which the subject encompasses. In my academic career I have particularly enjoyed the challenge of Further Mathematics, as many skills and disciplines are collated to reach a final and satisfying conclusion. Continuing my studies at Newcastle would give me the opportunity to diversify my knowledge and continue forming a solid foundation for further problem solving in my career.
Proof by induction has been one of my favourite topics. Applying this method to matrices enhanced my understanding of several different topics as I linked them together to find a solution. This understanding was only further exemplified by my exploration
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My AS Philosophy unit introduced me to the philosopher and mathematician, Bertrand Russell. His 'Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy ' allowed me to broaden my views that mathematical ability not only stimulates intellectual curiosity, but also opens up a new perspective on life. Attending the Swansea Engineering Summer School, I had the opportunity to work with like-minded students and undergraduate engineers. The workshops strengthened my skills in teamwork. One task in particular involved designing a hot air balloon, in which I took the role of calculating how to maximise the use of materials and working out the value of the ideal gas equation. The knowledge that I gained from the summer school complimented the skills that I developed throughout my placement at the Honeywell Plant. Aiding chemists in the laboratory, I brought the lab skills that I have developed throughout A-Level chemistry and actively demonstrated my knowledge of redox and organic chemistry. Working alongside engineers on plant projects, I witnessed how the knowledge of mechanics is essential in the field of engineering and that mathematics is one of the greatest tools any engineer can possess. These experiences were only a taste of the application of Maths in the modern

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