Essay on Personal Statement : The Service Project

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Service Project Paper
For me, leadership defines as the ability to inspire, guide, and motivate people to reach their full potential. I agree with Randy Stocklin, cofounder and CEO of, definition that states “Leadership is the ability to help people achieve things they don 't think are possible. Leaders are coaches with a passion for developing people, not players; they get satisfaction from achieving objectives through others. Leaders inspire people through a shared vision and create an environment where people feel valued and fulfilled." As I go into HR field, leadership is one of the main skills that I want to acquire. Working with other people on the group project definitely helped me to see which leadership skills I possess and which skills I need to work on. I learned that I tend to be more outgoing and decisive when I work with people that have introvert personalities. I usually take the initiative in my hand if no other team member steps up to lead. One of the opportunities when I had a chance to be a leader in our group project for BUS-X 103 class was during our preparation for the final presentation. Because we were getting closer to the deadline for the presentation and we did not had a chance to talk about what responsibilities each team member will have, I took initiative to lead this part of the project. In order to assign different points of presentation to each team member, I send e-mail with the list of the points and asked if anyone would like…

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