Personal Statement : ' The Kardashian Sisters ' Essay

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Profile # 1:
I won’t say that I look like one of the Kardashian sisters, but I am not looking for a superficial guy either, perhaps that’s what makes all my relationships unique and long lasting. About me: I am mostly easy going, likes going out every once in a while, very passionate about my job and opinionated. I enjoy people with a sense of humor more than anything. I’ve always enjoyed my freedom as a woman but I respect others for who they are. If you too feel that fun gets better with age, than you and I are a perfect match.
Profile # 2:
If a few words could qualify my character, down to earth would be the right description. About myself: Sleeps late, loves food, owns one pet and is an occasional drinker. I can be a bit eccentric sometimes, but who isn’t? If you are a bit of unconventional but mature I am interested and open for a possible date.
Profile # 3:
I can’t say that I wasn’t lucky in relationships but rather that mostly the men I’ve met didn’t want real relationships, which is something I’ve realized, later on in life. About me: Mature, outgoing, flexible and curious although I am skeptical about owning a pet. Not a smoker but loves to party. I spend most of my free time watching sci-fi movies. I may not be your conventional type of woman, but if you like originality with a touch of adventure then I’ll be glad to meet you sometimes.
Profile # 4:
Lack of conservatism has always been my forte and if you are looking for someone with this type of characteristics…

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