Personal Statement : The Concussion Essay

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The Concussion While growing up my life had always been about basketball. My life was always dedicated to practice and games, there was not very much time for anything else like friends birthday parties or movies. My life would always revolve around either basketball or school. Right after school I would go straight to basketball and right when basketball would end I would go home and do my homework. I did not know what to do to balance everything out, my grades were never bad but they weren’t what I wanted them to be. But when I got my concussion from basketball my grades started to plummet due to the fact that I was missing a lot of school. But because of my teacher Mrs. Krenz and my doctor at the time, they gave me the skills to work with my concussion and its post effects that will help me for the rest of my life. It was the fall season of basketball; my team had been playing against an inner city school. They were a very aggressive team and I had been guarding a girl who was about six foot three and she was a heavier set girl. The other team was losing; it was towards half time when I was running down the other side of the court when the girl I was guarding decided she wanted to just elbow me in the face while I started to run. I assume the reason why she did that was because I had been blocking all her shots and she had gotten mad. After the hit I became really dizzy and couldn’t see clearly. I went to the doctor’s office and they told me that I got a concussion due…

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