Personal Statement On The Counselor Essay

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CL: Yeah I told her and if she didn’t suggest helping me pay for it then I am not going to ask her.
CO: Okay Minimal Encourager The counselor intended to allow the client to feel supported. The minimal encourager seemed to be effective. However, it seemed that the client continued her statement afterwards. I could have used silence.
CL: No. She doesn’t… I don’t ask her money or nothing.
CO: Okay. So is that something that you are not comfortable with doing with your mom? Minimal encourager, Open-ended question The counselor intended to allow the client to expand on her thoughts. It seemed as if she was reluctant to talk about her mother. The counselor asked an open-ended question with a minimal encourager. However, it could have been helpful to validate the client’s feelings. I could have said, “That must be frustrating for you. Are you comfortable with talking to your mom about that?”
CL: I mean she just won’t do it so there’s no point of asking.
CO: Oh so you feel like it’s a waste of time trying to ask. Paraphrase The counselor wanted to show the client that one understands what is being said. The counselor intended to help the client open up more. However, the statement could be rephrased. I could have said, “I hear you saying that it not benefit you to ask your mom.”
CL: Yeah I already know. She’s not going to do it.
CO: Well I mean you have already made that a goal so how can you get to where you actually reach that goal? Open-ended…

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