Essay about Personal Statement On Self Analysis

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The sole purpose of taking this class, was to get an easy “A”. I have been involved in and around “group” work my entire life. From playing sports for twenty years to becoming a manager of a company. I believed, I could relate to the subject matter and excel in the class. Nothing was further from the truth. With all my so-called experience with working in groups, nothing has helped me grow more as a person than this class. As with anyone, who believes they have arrived in some sort of way, there is always more to be learned. This class, has taught me a lot about myself and how I want to communicate with future team members. Through a self-analysis of my efforts during the semester I have concluded that, my personal communication need to be more direct, as a leader, I need to be more compassionate and how important effective group communication is. I have never questioned my personal communication skills until this class. I have always been an easy going, care free kind of person. I firmly believe, I have let my personality guide my personal communication skills. Which, I have now found out that in a group work setting might not be the best way to communicate. In our group, we had different personalities with different ideas, moods and thoughts about time as there are in all groups. With these different dynamics, I was constantly being challenged with how I communicated with our group. For most of the class, I found myself either alone or with only one to…

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