Personal Statement On Health And Wellness Essay

1006 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout my life I have always gained joy from helping others, rather it be holding a door open or giving advice. Upon gaining 80 lbs in my first year of college, I had to deal with being uncomfortable in my own skin and embarrassed of my appearance. I decided I never wanted to have that stress again, let alone endure the struggle alone, which is what interested me in my profession of choice, and wanting to finish school with a BA in Health Science with focus on Health and Wellness. Health and Wellness covers a broad range of knowledge with the grand scheme of improving the lives of others, by using preventive action in healthcare. Allowing me to be employed in a variety of fields such as Wellness Coordinators, Health Educators or Personal Trainers to name a few. Utilizing many strategies and being able to support people with nutrition, exercise, wellness education, social science and even holistic medicine. Having a BA in Health and Science allows me to develop a career path where I will support people in living healthier and more active lifestyles based on personal goals. Not everyone is built the same or has the same health goal in mind, being able to assess clients one on one will allow me to support them better.
Having educational requirements such as obtaining a BA degree, and having to have certifications if planning on tapping into certain fields such as; Wellness Coaching or Personal Training. Needing to have prior work experience, and passing written exams,…

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