Essay on Personal Statement : My Goals

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Have you ever wanted to change the world? Had a dream so big that you couldn 't sleep? My dream that kept me up all night was wanting to make an impact on this world and be an inspiration in someone’s life. Inspiration is finding strength in yourself to fuel your motivation. So how does someone become metaphorical fuel to inspire others? They get elected into the prestigious Student Government Association. SGA provides an elite way to not only platform your future for success, but to help you inspire others with your story. I want to be elected as the SGA Freshman Class Treasurer. More than anything in the world, I want to be elected to make a difference in my society and to inspire others. My goal, if I am elected, is to inspire my fellow classmates that you can reach any goal and conquer any obstacle in their lives. Aside from my goals, I feel I am very qualified for this position because I am good with time management. Inspiration comes from within your soul, but what if you don’t know how to pull it out? If elected, I will be an anchor to my peers and hold them down. I feel that to be on SGA you have to have social skills and not be afraid to comfort someone who needs your help. You have to be human, down to earth, and actually connect to your classmate’s one on one. I will work continuously to make their lives here the best they can be with the power I have. I would be fair and think about what’s best for everyone’s best interest. I want to be able to show my…

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