Personal Statement : My Goals And Personality Essay

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In short, I feel that I am witty, fun-loving, compassionate, and moderately confidant person.
In contrast to my goals and personality, my values coincide with my core being. What is important to me is a good question to ask. I use this same question when I meet a new friend. It provides groundwork to establish what is important to them and compare them to mine. I have developed my own value system. It has applied to the core concepts of nature and nurture continues to interact as I progressed through childhood to adulthood. I didn’t have a good foreground examples as a child.
The qualities I admire in others are respect, honesty, devotion and their belief systems. I honestly believe in upholding what is right and wrong. Using good moral values, respect for myself and others, keeping my moral compass in the right direction. It is important to me to have a hard working partner in life. It is important to me to be valued by friends, peers, family members and partner.
In this setting of religion, using person perception when applying the four principles of person perception. I am not much on religion, per say, I do have some religious beliefs, but not an overly whelming church attender. Prejudice of so many church members as hypocrites. Stereotypically, some don’t lead by examples teach or believe in. They’ll sin on six days a week and repent on the seventh day. It is a vicious repetitive cycle that they live by that is fundamental attribution error. Minsters didn’t…

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