Personal Statement : My Childhood Essay

737 Words Sep 26th, 2016 3 Pages
In my childhood, I was not taught the fundamentals of being independent. Growing up the youngest in a Mexican household with two parents and four siblings there was little need to be independent. In my family everyone was responsible to watch over the youngest and make sure the youngest were taken care of. For example, if a mess was made there was always an older sibling around to clean it up. This carried on through my young adult hood. While it made growing up in my household carefree and fun I am now realizing as an adult; I never went through the milestones to prepare myself for independent living. Independence to me means being in control of ones own life and decision-makings. I am still learning the skills, but I have recognized what I need to do because, I know it is important to do things by yourself, be financially responsible, and stay updated in world news. To begin living independently one must feel comfortable being in solitude. Being at peace with your own company while doing personal task alone like going grocery shopping or running errands. Having emotional stability can empower you to be your own self-motivator. In The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, said “We hold these truths to be, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Jefferson was talking about our rights. Our right to be happy and free. Moreover, it represents the choices we make for ourselves. If no one has authority over us it is up to us to build morals…

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