Essay on Personal Statement : Miniature Taylor

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Miniature Taylor, with only three years of life under her belt, is, once again, covering her ears and impatiently proclaiming to her parents, "That baby is crying AGAIN." Yes, this agitated child is me. But before you judge my character, give me a chance to explain my premature actions: my first sister, Sydney, had been forced into my family schema only days before. It was a period of denial. I was going to have to give up my "I 'm the center of attention" attitude? No way. I had to keep life interesting, which meant lots of complaining.

My parents were shocked and confused at my reaction. Everyone wants a sister, right? It seemed, at the time, that I was the exception to this assumption. However, from that moment at age three, my personality started to transform into the more understanding, and less miniature, seventeen year old I am today.

After discovering that my constant complaints were proving unsuccessful, my young self decided that I should take a different approach to sisterhood. I experimented by giving Syd a little bit of positive attention (This life stage may be viewed in the "sister holding sister" pictures that are still scattered around our home today). Though I didn 't realize it at the time, I discovered compassion. I enjoyed caring for Sydney, but I was then faced with a challenge: handling another one. My second sister, Parker, was born a short eighteen months later. By the time this sibling was crying, however, I was well beyond the ear-covering…

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