Personal Statement For Ambition In Economics And Finance

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“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. –Ayn Rand”
This powerful statement is the motto of my life. I focus my thoughts, my energy and work very hard in achieving my goals and aspirations. I aspire to become a leader in Economics and with that desire in my heart, I seek admission in your prestigious university, where I know that my life will change and I will receive opportunities that I have dreamt for myself.
My interest in pursuing a career in Economics and Finance sparked at a very early age when in high school, I received honor from state governor for outstanding performance in Math and Economics on state level. So, I decided to opt for Honors degree in Economics from one of the top schools in India- Hans
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I was responsible for US market disputes where I managed cases in all industries including airlines, retail, etc. Solving more than 50 cases per day and ranked as one of the top performers of my team, my experiences broadened my horizons. It also gave me industrial exposure of the working of a huge financial services firm. But I also realized that to achieve my long term career goal of working in the area of research and contributing towards the betterment of global economic issues can only be achieved by going back to school, getting involved in research and by learning nuances of my chosen field of study. My short term goal is to work in the area of research or economics consulting and I wish to return to research and contribute in academia in long term so that I can use the knowledge and skills learnt to contribute meaningfully for the betterment of global economic …show more content…
I have diploma in painting, completed 5 years of training in Indian Classical Music and won numerous inter school debate and speech competitions. This continued in my college where I was part of debate and group discussions societies. I was part of Economics Council of my college which was responsible for organizing economics related events in the college. Currently I am part of an NGO called Make a Difference which is one of the biggest organizations in New Delhi which teaches poor orphan kids for free. Being a part of that team and spending time with those kids was one of the best experiences for me. Teaching them and making them smile made my day and further strengthened my will towards doing well for my country and extending much bigger help to the various underprivileged sections of our

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