Personal Statement : Crisis Prevention Essay

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1. What do you want to learn from this course regarding crisis prevention? Name and discuss three things you want to learn about and why?

The debriefing process is an area I have explored with little knowledge about the process. While I can remain calm before during and after an incident, it is not until a day or two after I do feel the effects of the event. My main focus is always directed to those who would need the most assistance and their personal care before my own. My ability to adapt to a crisis and weigh out strategies and exits overrides my inability to detach and respond to immediate emotions of fear, anxiety or my own personal danger. How to deal with those emotions and after effect is something I would like to know more about and have the ability to apply to uncertain situations and my personal self care.

Effective crisis response is another area I have been exposed to but never a method that is aimed at a team or group of people. I would like to know how to effectively respond in any event, incident or intervention as a team member for another individual. I would like to be able to explore the causes, before the need to respond in a more effective way. To be able to plan ahead of any event in a secure manner and to keep my personal self in check after the affect.

Environment modification in event of crisis I have experienced and would like to expand beyond my personal knowledge. How to manipulate or alter the environment to prevent triggers, outburst or…

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