Personal Reflection Project: Self-Evaluation Of Nursing

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I have started to go after nursing without fully knowing, what it actually is and what kind of changes will this career choice bring in to my life. Graduating in 2014 and only with one year working at the nursing facility, I am still new in the nursing. Based on my educational journey and working experience, I do not regrade my career choice and willing to explore what I can do with it and how I might grow professionally and personally by doing nursing. This reflection project aims to self-evaluation based on Nurse Manager Skill Inventory tool.
Personal and professional accountability is crucial aspect in the health care field. In the Code of Ethics for Nurses, Provision 4 states, “the nurse has authority, accountability and responsibility
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The self-promotion, networking for myself, and knowing where and what I can get in order to grow in my career, are not my strong point. Actually, I am unskilled in this area. I have been a member of one leadership nursing association and I know a many practicing nurses in various facilities; however, I do not know how to use the network for my benefits. I think, it is mostly because of my personality and cultural background. However, I am working on this aspect, as I understand the importance of networking and belonging to the professional association for professional development and career growth.
Because my work now is mostly requires my nursing license and Basic Life Support certificate, I do not acquire any additional certification at this time. However, I have in mind to expand my skills by having other certifications in the specialty of my choice. Career planning is another step that help to create the atmosphere of growth in one’s leadership role. Being a nurse, one already is a leader to the aids, who assigned to the nurse. With time, a nurse might become a charge nurse over other nurses and nursing aids. Therefore, every nurse position has some aspects of leadership, on a small or large
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In order to lead others, one has to be aware of clinical, legal, and theoretical information. Because this area is broad and one’s mind needs constant reminding and training to be as much ready as possible, I need to teach myself to be always looking after the opportunity to learn something useful and practical for my area of nursing and for health care field as a whole. In order to create this habit in my, I will do two things. First, every workday is the opportunity to get to know something useful and needed through personal experience and learning from others such as physicians, co-workers, or fellow health care team professionals. Second, I will deliberately take special nursing classes to increase my theoretical knowledge, which I will be able to apply to my

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