Essay on Personal Reflection On Self Awareness

1369 Words Jan 16th, 2015 null Page
Self reflection is the mental process that acquires knowledge and understanding through thoughts and experience which helps encourage self awareness. This essay focuses on assessing my objectives and how I have developed my skills from the beginning of this semester until now. At the start of semester A, I wasn’t confident in preparing for the skills sessions and workshops. I wasn 't always able to find the correct answers to the workshop questions set which made it relatively difficult for me to participate in lectures despite finding myself at the library every other day. I began by listening to knowledge based lectures online and making notes alongside the recommended reading given by my lecturers or the module guide.

I was finding it difficult to keep up-to-date so I created a study plan aside from attending skills sessions and workshops where I would concentrate on a module and plan for the following workshop. This in turn enhanced my organisational skills and improved my understanding. I did find that I preferred studying late at night in the learning resource centre as that is when I am more likely to be able to focus. I also prefer working alone in silence as I feel I lose concentration and can be distracted quite easily. I observed that I have a tendency to take short breaks between my study time in order to keep my mind refreshed. The initial 10% for the module was based on a multiple choice quiz. At first I did not know what to expect by the quiz or what was in…

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