Personal Philosopy Statement on Early Childood Education Essay

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Personal Philosophy Statement of Early Childhood Education




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This essay is my personal philosophy statement on early childhood education which represent my views on what should be done in the early childhood sector these include ;to impart fine morals and ideals in the children that I come into contact with, esteem each child and the families culture, beliefs, and race, make sure that the treatment I give to each child is fair to ensure that in each child the feeling of equality is developed, I will also have the community work with the families of the children and the educationists as a team, be a constant advocator of the kids, maintain an environment full of fun, interesting and still
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(Warner & Sower, 2005)Through this the feeling of protection which is usually linked with predictability for kids is developed.

As an early childhood educator I seek to help the children learn the basic skill set, in addition to that I would seek to develop an interest in them for them to discover new stuff and help them learn through activities which are interactive in nature. These activities will make them look forward to the next learning experience.(Killen, 2003) This is my main agenda and purpose for every child that I come into contact with no matter the background, culture, abilities or the families’ financial status. I believe that all children have a way of getting involved in activities and other events in life. (Brady &Kennedy, 2010)It’s my job as an educator in the early childhood education sector to assist them chose and take part in the activities by providing them with the opportunities that best match their personal abilities.

I intend to keep the interests of the child above any other thing, with each and every opportunity that comes my way I will put them first as I get to develop my career in the early childhood education environment. I will try and seek support from all those who are involved in the children’s life, they would be those who deal with the child in a daily basis to those involved in the policy making decisions in the local and national levels. (Warner & Sower, 2005) This will confirm my position in advocating

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