Essay on Personal Observation Of A Social Worker

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Personal Observation Since attending many more team meetings I gained more skills of what a social worker does in their daily work life. I met with a social worker and her client Jim. During their session together they talk about his daily life, what he has been doing, what he wishes to do and his goals for the future. The social worker starts off with a packet that has all of his information in it from his doctor visits to more personal questions or situations that have happened in the past. After they went through that they went through a self-assessment where Jim was asked certain questions. It was mainly about his support systems, if he feels safe, and if he exercises his rights. The practice behavior that goes along with this is advancement in human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice. Going through this self-assessment I realized that Jim was as comfortable with himself as anyone else would be. He likes to go in public by himself, work a normal job, and hang out with his friends. He just has to be more careful than anyone else. His mom made sure she knew who his friends were, and she also checks in at his job to make sure he is being treated fairly. This is something that I wish would not have to happen. For someone who works as hard as Jim to be a normal person but then have to be reminded he is not every day, is something that would be hard to cope with. Given that he has many opportunities to create a great life is encouraging for him though, and…

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