Personal Note On The Secret Of Success Essay

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Secret to Success
“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful” (Thomas).
See, if you have ever had an experience where you were drowning, the only thing that you wanted to do, in that moment, was to get some air. You didn’t think about anything else but breathing. So imagine how successful we could be if we wanted to succeed as bad as we wanted air while drowning. During my freshman year of high school, I didn’t want to succeed as bad as I wanted to breathe. I overlooked my natural habit of taking shortcuts and did just enough to get by. Like most people, I didn’t believe that hard work would always lead to success. Every adult in my family was a devoted hard worker; each of them was dirt poor. I believed that everyone and everything had its own limitations, and reaching those limitations were simply human nature. Thankfully, a brief chapter of my life changed my beliefs and how I viewed hard work. Before I started high school I considered myself a basketball player, however, I didn’t think it was necessary to spend the entirety of my free time actually playing basketball. The majority of my 9th-grade summer was spent sitting around not doing anything. I would shoot around on the basketball court for a few minutes, but I laughed at the guys that basically lived there in the heat. I knew that my God-given talent would be enough to outperform others. By the time the summer ended, basketball season arrived quickly. I attended every day…

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