Personal Note On Motivation And Success Essay

945 Words Aug 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Everything must grow in order to prove excellence in a world where excellence runs scarce. In a lifetime you hope to have grown, you inspire to be growing, and you plan to keep growing. What a person needs to prove their excellence isn’t just drive, but drive to turn nothing into something. Use success as motivation to keep going. Use failure as motivation to start trying. Use average as motivation to start working. Although, definitions for failure, average, and success varies for everyone, motivation prospers inside of everybody, it just needs a little kick start sometimes. Wherever people come from and wherever people plan to go, it 's never worth giving up.
First of all, for me I live in a strong built, foundationed family where I live and hope for a strong and successful future. My family is very family oriented, which can be expected when there are 7 members. My parents come from different lives compared to mine. They’ve definitely experienced more struggle than I have, which is very fortunate for me. As for my siblings, I have a brother who is 2 years older than I am and three sisters, 2 older and one twin sister. Growing up we were all considered intelligent and athletic. I played baseball, basketball, and football growing up and always was the smartest in my class. Although, as for today in life I play basketball and sometimes display flashes of intelligence. So in an overall view of things, I’m from a financially secure, loyal family with goals and aspirations to…

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