Personal Note On High School Essay

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Many People personally told me that people change for the better or the worse during high school but I never believed it was true. Looking back on my high school years I noticed that what they said was actually accurate. Within those four years I realized so much. Like how quick people can switch up and change on you. The person you thought you knew is nothing like that now. It all seemed strange to me at first because I 'm not the type of person who lies and acts different to become someone 's friend. But many others were, so based off of that I realized that my biggest mistake in high school was letting friendship get to me.
Amaury was the type of person I could always run to no matter what the situation was. We met in the ninth grade while going on a trip to Central Park. I remember while on our way, he asked me for piece of chocolate I had. So when I gave him the chocolate he bit into it, smiled and said, “ thank you”. I honestly couldn’t help but laugh because when he said it, there was chocolate all over his teeth. I guess at that the moment, I realized we would become great friends because the same thing happened to me. And as I thought from there we hit it off. He told me almost everything like his hobbies, favorite foods and more; while I told him all of mine. I considered him as my best friend and nothing more. We clicked in so many ways and having a friendship like that made me say to myself, “I hope this never ends”. In the middle of the tenth grade we both…

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